The Myth About Numerology and What 11:11 Really Means

You’ve probably seen several sequences of numbers. 333, 222,111 or 211, 411, 511, 911 or 1111 and think, well that’s weird or maybe you are very curious and did research.  There are different numbers that are not all double digits or even repetitive ones such as 235 or 813. Because numbers are universal like 01010101 (binary code) in a computer it’s easy to communicate and connect to our brain which by the way is a computer within itself.

If you are seeing these numbers several times a day or even daily you are receiving and sending massages. I use to think that these numbers were vibrations or energy sent from angles or my Higher Self. But now, I realize after 10 years of studying them, it is also YOUR vibration communicating. Depending on your consciousness the numbers reflect back what you need or replies to the experiences you are having within a moment. Since we are having a human experience the Universe desires information on the world experiment. It collects different sequences based on what you are …well experiencing. This is also why there is no such thing as bad or good. It’s more like what you desire versus what you don’t desire. For instance, you see 11:11 or 1111 – without you knowing it you are constantly vibrating in your energy outward, so the reply is in the numbers.  11:11 can be seen as a you are connected to the whole and you are not alone. Breathe in and breathe out and stay present. It is also telling you, your are doing a good job but keep moving forward.

When I see 444, I’m usually scared and feel alone. 444 is a reminder that my guides and angels are close by. Ask and you shell receive. Knock and a door will open. Self-judgment and doubt is not required. Just as if you are talking to a very dear soul.

I get 333 when I’m angry, frustrated, feel very unfocused and detached from my true self. 333 is a reminder to get back in sync. Let go and allow the Universe, God or Higher-Self do it for you. The most important thing at this moment is peace.

I had an apartment number 222 for 2 years. Yes, exactly. Whoever was in that apartment before me had very high energy that I needed very badly after an abusive relationship. I would sit in it for hours in meditation. 222 means you are learning on a higher level of consciousness then you have before. It’s like being promoted from 5th grade to 11th. You can say it is a quantum leap. I love being in this vibration because it also means that you are going in the right direction. There were many times I did not feel like I was on the right track, but this number would pop and I knew even when I was very uncomfortable with the way things were, I was were I was suppose to be.

511 or 555 is reflecting back change. The 511 mean there will be change but for the better. It won’t be abrupt or harsh so be open to it. This is sometimes in relationships with family, lover or friend. It can also be work or a living situation. 555 can be abrupt. You might have to deal with a little bit of a storm especially if it shows up by itself over and over. This can be in the form of a disagreement or miscommunication.

711 or 777 appears to me sometimes when I feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m working 60 hours a week and sometimes more. Like, 222, it is saying that you are doing the right thing and you will have the abundance you seek. However, in the case of 777, abundance can come in many forms like a new car, great friends, family reunited a great relationship.

811 or 888 is blasting out abundant waves. You are not only on the right track you will get everything you are asking for. This is typically in all aspects, unlike 777 where it can be just material or just a good relationship. 888 is joyfully letting you know money, love and success is coming. Keep up with you hard work.

911 or 999 is letting you know it is time for the old ways of conscious to leave and a new wave to take it’s place. This can cause movement in your life. Sometimes I see 911 and 555 in the same day or week.  Usually, if you are not ready 511 or 555 can be avoided, but if you are seeing 911 it is coming rather you like it or not. It is never bad. It is an upgrade of your life. You might be holding on to something very tightly thus the 911 is letting you know to please release your kung fu grip.

1010 is letting you know you will receive an awakening or an “Aha moment” that will help you on your journey. Be open minded.

1212 is also an awakening but its more of a deeper spiritual nature. I sometime get 1010 and 1212 together. 1212 is letting you know that not only will you be awakening to a higher consciousness, things around you might change for the greater good as well. You might be requested to help someone after reaching this level of vibration that is struggling manifesting what they need.


You are sending and receiving messages constantly. When you are seeing certain set of numbers it is responding back to what you have sent out through your energy.  Energy is connected to feelings, thoughts and behavior. The Universe knows your path as well as knows what you truly desire. It is doing its best to get you where you are asking to be. Pay attention.

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