How to Know If You Are in A Spiritual Transition

Cycles in your life will continue to happen unless you make major changes that will either make you a better person or make your life step up or increase to a new experience. Cycles can be seen as repeated problems or issues happening again and again. You may think, “Well this is life” and you would be right. However, life is teaching you to grow with these cycles by making you very uncomfortable in your skin and when you are uncomfortable you become aware – you start paying attention. You might say to yourself, “Why is this happening to me, again?” So, then there….right in that moment, life  is making you change or repeat the same issue or problem again. Some call cycles “the crossroad” because you can either continue straight to who you’ve always been or make a turn and be something else.

What Type of Cycles are There

A cycle can be repeated bad relationships or it can be an eviction from your home several times in your life. A cycle can be you ending up in the hospital for the same illness or a different illness but in the same condition or situation. So, you can say, a cycle can be love, money or health situations that repeats several times in your life.

How to Transcend to a New You

Sit down and look at your life as it is right now. Who are you right now? What type of belief(s) are you holding on to that is now outdated. Your belief system about what type of person you must be could be jeopardizing the opportunity to have a brand new experience. You might be the person that is angry or easily frustrated, shy, timid, have anxiety, don’t do well with money, etc. The things you hold on as part of your personality or the way of being can keep you in cycles.


Once you have seen who you are now, then you must find out who you want to be? Do you wish to be wise, strong, brave, sociable, a business woman, a better mom/dad, more loving, giving to your community?  Break all of this down and practice being this new person. What would she/he be doing? What type of actions would she/he take now? How would the new you feel? What ever this new person is, it should bring you a new sense of peace, harmony, joy, focus and strength. You should now see things in new light where you are not experiencing the same things again.

Don’t forget to take action. Do something different then you did when you saw this same issue before.


The point of cycles is  to change for YOU so that you can have better outcomes. You can adjust your thoughts, feelings and actions and not fall in to bad old habits that keep you repeating the same things over and over again.

Life changes when you change. 

Author: Jessica Brown

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