Your guides and angels are obviously not human and they are also not in the same linear (time) experience. They don’t understand why you need something or when. Their interpretation of what you need may come in different form than you expect which can be a little frustrating.  Perhaps you are unsure if you’ve asked correctly. There are also moments, it may take three years or five years before you see it if you do not ask in the right way. But, there is a way to make sure you get the response you are looking for by being very clear and loving to your energy helpers.


How To Get A Response Quickly From Your Angels or Guides

  1. First, get in a habit of just talking to your angels or guides. If you don’t know their names or even what they feel like, that is ok. I often feel a warmth in my chest or a soft touch on my shoulder but not in a scary way. Some say they see a specific bird or butterfly. You may ask that they show themselves in a specific way that you will know it is them – whatever is comfortable for you. You may choose to speak to them in a private place such as your room with lit candles. Preferably white or pink. It is best that there is no noise or anyone else disturbing your connection. Close your eyes and simply start with, “Hello, I would like to speak to my Angels.” Do your best to speak from your heart and be gentle. Be patient.
  2. Once you know when they are around and you have build a dialogue with them on a frequent basis (I talk to mine several times a day). You may have a good connection and it will be easier to get the response you want back.
  3. Ask one important question at a time, wait for the response before going to the next one.
  4. After you ask for what you need or want let them know why. Remember they don’t understand the connection between human things such as money. You can say, “I need this amount of money because I need it to pay bills. My bills keep me living healthy and in a safe environment which I love.”
  5. The most crucial part is telling them you want it NOW and say it will feeling. Not demanding but urgency. Like when a child ask for their mom or dad it triggers the parents to respond urgently if the child is in the another room.
  6. Always give gratitude and love before and after your request. Of course they desire with all their being to give you anything and everything as long as it is safe for you, but they should always be respected beings that have decided to serve you.
  7. Lastly, let go of how, when and where your request will show. Go about your daily business. Sometimes when I can’t seem to get the request out of my mind I say, “If it shows that is great and if it doesn’t that is OK, too. Bringing peace into the energy helps release it in order for it to return quicker. Be OK if it doesn’t show. It might not be the best time, but most likely if you follow these steps you will see your desire.


Speaking to your angels or guides might just be the best thing you have ever done. They are your besties. They are so loving, caring and giving of their love that is unconditional. You may not find such love here on earth. Their words of wisdom and comfort will fill your heart will so much joy. What ever you wish is their command if it is truly in your best interest. Your angels also provide protection and healing. Try it and comment back on what you have found BELOW.

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