To increase your value you must first record what you are accepting in your life now.

Are you happy with the way things are? What are you not happy about? These things are the key components that need change.

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What are you holding on to because you feel it is better than nothing? What are you settling for in your life that could definitely be better?


We are taught that you must find happiness in what you have. Although being grateful brings feelings of bliss and also attracts more good, you can’t be grateful with something that cause misery or great frustration. By increasing your value and knowing you’re worth it attracts more of what you desire.


Your second step after acknowledging what needs to change is to take action. But not the way you might think. You must start doing things differently.

increase value

For instance: I was preparing for divorce from my husband and we had already separated our finances. I was struggling hard. There were weeks that all I had was ramon noodles to eat. I got so fed up with it, went on strike and refuse to eat one more noodle. I declared that my value must be greater. I opened within my mind new opportunities that I wasn’t aware of. In other words, I didn’t care where the new food was going to come from.


In the living room I sat on my couch and begin to imagine what new options I had when I open the refrigerator. I thought about fruit, veggies, eggs etc.   That night a lady popped up on my Facebook inbox and we struck a conversation talking about the type of clients we were getting. I never talked to this woman before in my life. She was a spiritual counselor like I am and was getting clients that didn’t want to take any of her advice and started to demean her.  She then told me of an option of having a 3rd party company do the marketing for me that way my main focus will be taking care of peoples’ needs. Although, I was very skeptic I went ahead and applied for it, because, hey, I just said I didn’t care where the new opportunity was going to come from. The next day I was approved and made enough money to buy groceries. It was shocking to me too. I literally took several clients and got paid that very same day!


But, what if I settled for ramon noodles over and over again? What if I allowed myself to stay in that frame of thought that it was better than nothing? I would have never experience something different. It wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful for the noodles it was that it simply was not enough of nutrition or value that my body needed.

Author: Jessica Brown