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All readings on Get Your Tarot and Awaken Oracle are for entertainment purposes only. Please seek a professional if you are having health or legal issues. By requesting a reading you are agreeing to these terms. You must be over 18 years or older to receive a session and/or reading from Jessica Brown.

Privacy Policy and Security and are secured sites. Get Your Tarot,  Awaken Oracle and Jessica Brown do not share your personal information with a 3rd party. Your message and personal information is for Get Your Tarot and Awaken Oracle only and will not be used for any other purpose.

Your personal information such as your name and email are stored when you make a purchase on or for contacting purposes to issue you your tarot reading. Jessica Brown offers free material through email such as free tarot readings, DIY TAROT and other instructional and helpful information. Your IP address is saved for security purposes to band abusers and/or spammers from my website.   Jessica Brown, and do not store your information for any other reason but what is mentioned above.

Cookies are deleted by data host monthly – and  has complied with the GDPR requirements.


For Chat, Text, Phone, Email and Video Readings…

  1. No money back for any type of readings.

There are no refunds or money back for classes, online courses, gift cards, soy candles, spells, e-books or any other item or service sold on and/or FROM JESSICA BROWN. Jessica Brown dedicates all her time to helping students and clients to be a success even in between classes or scheduled classes. Jessica Brown, Get Your Tarot and Awaken Oracle does not promise that every student will be a successful business owner, reach money goals, have an increase in money, find their love, find their soulmate or that they will master tarot cards.

Sexual Content

Sexual harassment or sexual content found  will NOT BE tolerated. Violators will be immediately and permanently band from Get Your Tarot and Awaken Oracle as well as reported to proper authorities.

Get Your Tarot & Awaken Oracle Content

Any content on Get Your tarot and Awaken Oracle that is shared outside of and without, or Jessica Brown’s consent will be penalize to the upmost allowed by the law this includes images, private messages, book or ebook content or any other content owned by Get Your Tarot, Awaken Oracle  and Jessica Brown.

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