There was a season when I was experiencing a great height in my awakening. My favorite thing was practicing different rituals to see the results. One of the things I decided to try was fasting. There were a lot of mix feelings about it because so many people think it is a horrible thing and abusive to the body. Then, I thought well many religions practice fasting for their own belief why not just try it for 3 days? My reasoning was to document and observe what happens to my body, mind and spirit.


5 Things I Found While Fasting

  1. The hardest part was getting through lunch on my first day. I wanted to at least snack on something like one potato chip…anything! I did not recognize anything spiritually profound on my first day. By night my stomach was aching a little and I found myself fantasizing about food I never really eat like lasagna or a huge burger. My sense of smell started to increase.[su_spacer size=”10″]
  2. By the 2nd day, I realized how much of an attachment I had to food. It was more than just to survive for me, it was my security blanket. [su_spacer size=”10″]
  3. I could smell someone cooking three blocks away, I Kid You Not! “Oregano, garlic, pesto and butter”….I’d name off the seasonings that was in what ever aroma came my way. Dinner time was not my friend, at least not in my neighborhood. [su_spacer size=”10”]
  4. The 3rd and last day, I had hardly any energy. I was drinking water and would spice it up with squeezed lemon or orange. I received more insight on how my thoughts around food was depicted by mainstream media. Oh those commercials and Facebook newsfeeds would grab my attention and my mouth would water. But, another amazing thing happened, I was fully tuned like a piano or guitar – you may say focused even. My senses were peaked. I could hear and feel things a lot clearer. I noticed people’s reactions around me, not as white noise, but as a part of me. Was I hallucinating?  Probably not. My focus wasn’t on my next meal although it was obvious that I’d needed to eat.   [su_spacer size=”10″]
  5. On the fourth day, I ate very light. Soup, an egg, water, tea, tomato and cucumber for the entire day. My last awakening for this experience was that I overeat by a lot. Our bodies don’t need as much food as we consume. In fact, it does a lot better with quality nourishment. The keen sense stayed for a few days until I was invited over to dinner and was force to try everything they had made. *laugh* 


As humans we are too attached to food like it is some sort of romantic affair. Our attachment is based on what we see on television, internet and from “hospitality” – our friends or family thinking its polite to force their guests to eat everything. Spiritually speaking, fasting can come as a gift, a doorway into enlightenment and how far you go is up to you. It will ultimately allow you to experience a higher vibration, release more than just food attachments and fork off to something spectacular within your human experience.

Author: Jessica Brown