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The Ultimate Tarot Business Packet

Want Your Own Business And Make Enough Money to Pay Your Bills, NOW?

Have you thought about starting your own business to pay your bills, but don't know where to start?


There is an easy way to get your business running successfully without costing you thousands of dollars out of pocket and You get to pay your bills on time and more!

NO WASTING Your Hard Earned Cash on Crap that doesn't bring buying clients to you !


Expensive Graphics and Logos

Facebook Ads

Over Priced Business Gurus


I personally use a strategy that works every single time that I'm willing to share with you. It will make you focused, motivated and get you attracting consistent buyers.

BE a POWERHOUSE for bringing in the $ ching ching.

The secret is creating and launching projects around what people want and being able to successfully show them how it will work for them.

Don't tell anybody I told you. 


Do You Wish You Could Work At Home In Your Pajamas and Bring in Money Stress FREE?

You won't have to deal with cranky bosses, getting skipped for raises or spending gas money.

Those days are over!

Spend quality time with your family and live the life you truly deserve! 


You can make as much or as little as you want and when you want.

Set your own hours and go on vacation whenever you feel like it.

That's the awesomenss of having your own successful business!

So  Maybe You Really Want to start Your Own Business BUT, you don't have the time to squeeze it in?

If you can spare at least 4 hours a day then you can run your online tarot business. That's less than a part- time job requires.

Focus on your daily business tasks and you will always have time for your family, job and laundry. You are the only person that is standing in your way of success!

I'm handing you the most easiest business answers out there which explains every detail of what you need to do without working for someone else.

  Your biz YOUR MONEY and you don't have to share!

Grab The

Ultimate Tarot Business Packet

 that will:

Show you where to start from the very beginning.

Help you build a strong strategy for yourself that works.

Bring in income to pay your bills and more!


  Of course, you must do the work or nothing I will give you or the next person gives you will make a difference.


Increase Income Each Month

This packet shares with you how to keep your income increasing each month with a cool marketing strategy that won't cost you a dime.

Keep Scheduled Buying Clients

Get more than attention to your service have people schedule sessions with you consistently.

Sleep Well At Night Knowing You're Still Making Cash

You don't have to be glued to the computer to make money. Put your service on full auto-pilot while you sleep.

No Wasting Your Hard Earned Money

No more making blind investments without knowing if it will be a true value to your business and what you are accomplishing.

The Ultimate Tarot Business Packet Includes...

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2 Online Biz Courses

****2 Unlimited Online Courses**** OF YOUR CHOICE - #1 'Get Your Tarot Online Business' - #2 'How to Put Your Tarot Biz on Auto-Pilot Using Affiliates'- #3 'How to Get Consistent Clients with Social Media & Email'

kit img2

Affiliate Recruit & Incentive Kit

EDUCATE+MOTIVATE+CELEBRATE - Put Your affiliates to work for you so that you won't spend all your time trying to sell your service. Have the tools to educate them on your service, motivate them with incentives and celebrate your wins!


5 Buying Email Templates

Exclusive 5 Email Templates for you to use for your email listers to get them to buy.



Business Startup & Success Session

Not getting the love or support you need from spouse or family? Get on track with your business and be proud of your accomplishments. We will work on an excellent business plan and money goals that is practical and will work for you.

presentation them img

25 Memes & Video Images

Images you can use for promoting and creating unique video, memes and backgrounds.

create what you want from the universe bk cover

EBook - Create What You Want From The Universe

Original copy. Never shared before. An e-book I written in a time where I was on a brink of homelessness. "Right there, in the mist of fear - when your heart is beating out of your chest and palm sweaty, is when you are the most powerful to create what you really want."

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***bi-Weekly *** 3 Payments

  • Online Course
  • Affilliates Startup & Incentive Kit
  • 5 Email Templates
  • 15 min. Private Session


One Time

  • Online Course
  • Affiliates Startup and Incentive Kit
  • 5 Email Templates
  • 30 min. Private Session
  • 25 Meme & Video Images
  • E-book

Frequently asked questions

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way that you can make money by having people work for you while you sleep, spend time with family, go on vacation or just watch t.v. They do all the work of posting a special link that your website provides all over social media.

Why should I have an affiliate program?

Having an affiliate program on your website will allow new people to sign up for the program on their own AND provide a place for your affiliates to monitor their clicks and pay. The best part about having an affiliate programs is that you can make money without doing anything. You don't have to claim your affiliates on your taxes and they get paid solely based on a percentage how many buyers they bring that purchase your service or product. So, if they don't work they don't get paid, literally.

Why do I need the Affiliate Recruit and Incentive Kit?

The Affiliate Recruit and Incentive Kit makes communicating with your affiliates so much easier. Everything is pre-written and can be sent in an email to your affiliates as they sign up to your program. You can even set it up as an auto-send once they've registered.

The incentive part is to let them know what benefits they can earn as they make a certain amount of money each month. It gets them to do more sells and bring your more cash. This section also includes beautiful e-gift certificates that you modify however you like.

What Are The Email Templates for?

The email templates is for you to send to your email listers - buyers and non-buyers. You should start collecting emails so that you can offer your services more than once.

The email templates gives you solid and complete emails that will grab the attention so they will read what you have to say. This will get them to buy and buy again.

Why do I need a Private Session with you?

A FREE private session with me will help your business grow successfully. I will go over a strategy that works for your service and/or products you want to sell. You will have an increased chance of making the income you are looking for.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me by email:


"You want to build your business easily without frustration, complication or wanting to quit. That's why I build this package just for you. You can't fail with the Ultimate Tarot Business Packet."
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Jessica Brown
Tarot Biz Wiz
"The session I had with Jessica, she was so patient and kind. It was like talking to my best friend. I highly recommend"
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Omg, she was like going to a doctor.he tells you what is wrong and boom all fixed. All of a sudden I was all motivated and focused. For once I know exactly what I needed to do. Love her!
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