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Love Reading

Passionate Love & Relationship Readings

WAS $167 $111 1 HOUR READING
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My favorite type of readings are relationships. I understand bad relationships, broken hearts, crushes that go on for years, wanting to be with someone that act as if they don’t feel the same. I have also experienced cheaters, liars, betrayal and unimaginable pain and frustration with my past relationships.

In spite to all those bad things, I am in love with a wonderful passionate man that shows me everyday how much he cares through attentiveness and kindness. I can help you get the same for your life.

This is why I am your expert psychic and tarot reading bringing the most awesome power of intuition, empathy, clairvoyance and sometimes telepathy.


  • “Does He Love Me?”
  • “Is He Cheating on Me?”
  • “Will I Hear from Him Again?”
  • “Will I Make More Money?”
  • “What Career Should I Choose?”
  • “Will I Ever Get Married?”



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